In the fast pace world full of options that seem to multiply faster than I can make a decision, I find myself suffocating during the decision-making process.  Not because I don’t know or am unaware, but because I need time to process my thoughts before jumping to a conclusion.  I like to pause and think before I speak.  Unfortunately, my pause becomes just long enough for you and I to become… awkward.  Would I be better off choiceless?

Thoughts- I’ve always thought of myself as a simple-being, not to trendy or over powering.  My Type-B personality gets me by in a tranquil manner where I live stress free with a smile.  I do however have too many clothes I never wear, too many cups to drink from and too many channels to surf.  I’m drowing in a society of consumerism where all my possessions are owned by debt.  Am I ready to travel on a new approach, where essentials suffice?

Options- When one plus one equals three, we’ve identified a problem.  I’d like to introduce a new philosophy: one plus nothing equals peace.  Our bodies God created are the most efficient forms of life! Our systems work systematically, our health is far superior when naturally cared for and happiness cultivates in our lives just as the Bible reads, by God’s truth.  Do I really need more than one option?

Choiceless- As wonderful and exhilarating it would be going from 0-60 mph in no time, would it be worth more to go from 60-0 mph through time?  Living life, slowing down.  That may not seem like the meta-choice of the world but I believe the approch may create a happy decision process where I can just pause to think for a while.  Think about how sufficient God is. Would you cherish the option to be able to just stop and think for a while?  When would that be?  What would you do?  Who would you become?  May I challenge you to go choiceless?



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