What joy can be found in understanding that we are never stuck where we currently are. Weather we accept it or not the world around us is ever morphing into something suddenly unfamiliar. With the dawn of a new year excitement builds and all of our made resolutions still have such a beautifully intense sheen to them. I am typically not one to make resolutions at each passing year. However, this year I was drawn to drastic change. Minor changes wouldn’t cut it as that had been attempted and still unfullfilment remained and lingered. I was reminded of Proverbs 16:9 ” In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” I knew I could make all the plans I desired, but I absolutely needed more so for those plans or goals to be under God’s authority. I prayed and sought my husband’s council. Reflecting on those things in our life that do not align with what God cares about is how we both concluded similar change was necessary.

Every so often I feel God whisper words. Words I meditate on and pray over. All throughout the holiday season I kept hearing, purposeful. As the days passed the call became louder and more urgent. I felt God place that word on my heart so heavily that ALL of my goals this coming year are based off that one very pertinent word. I plan to wake each new day in awe of God’s Word. To seek God’s face and be still. I pray for openness to others so that we can celebrate and actively do life together. As a homeschooling mama of three incredible children I desire unshakable intimacy. I have goals of freedom and a wild abandon for learning. I hope to care more for the lasting health of my mind and body. Which involves countless nature hikes and surrendered dancing. Lastly, I resolve to accumulate less “stuff.” I desire more than anything to be a good steward of the blessings given so freely to us. Having only those few things that are undoubtably cherished around us is what Chris and I seek. Having less frees us up for so much more.

As a unit sperate goals came about. The closer we come to God the more we know we need to dream with our eyes wide open. To not allow the world to suffocate us with materialism and busyness. For our little family having less allows us to spend more intentional time with one another. To be able to experience reverence for creation with our children is joyous. To cultivate unforgettable memories that we all look back on fondly. To show them stillness, peace, and love. To show them God. This year for our family we hope to delight ourselves in the Lord, and know the desires of our heart as stated in Psalm 37:4. As a whole we resolve to delight in the Lord and invest in heaven so that we free up space for more abundance.

How do you begin to set goals that really matter? What does God have to say about your new years aspirations? I believe to find true clarity you must seek God first and then anticipate what he places on your heart. Changing habits where conviction occurred was where it all started for me. I have always gathered things to fill a void clearly nothing but God could fill. I also got trapped in the comparison game with my photography work, so shift was imminent. I constantly struggled with depression and overwhelmedness. Clearing out the clutter is where I found the freedom I was already given. Find those places that gnaw on you, pray over them, and listen to God’s nudging. Praise God we don’t have to tread in our stuckness.


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