Stay True

I’m not sure if it’s me or the seasons that seem to change faster; oh wait, I live in Hawaii, Summer is not changing.  The evolving world Erin and I live in is more dynamic and complex due to technological advances being far superior than ever and we need to take it one nautical mile at a time.  Keeping things simple has allowed us to be efficient and productive (Not as much as we would like- but still). In my first-ever freelancing blog-post I challenged you to go Choiceless; hopefully it challenged you in a way that applied uniquely to the situation you live in.  I’m praying God is shining light in new areas of your life that you can identify and simplify to live stress free.  This will shift the winds to help you live a life of “Choicelessness”.

God encourages us to set goals that matter.  That is the way I’ve seen it ever since I’ve given my life.  God also supports us in our endeavors that we face daily.  When we face the challenges of new seasons He is there to power us through it.  When we are stuck in habits that hinder our growth He’s there to lift us.  He provides the Church Body that encourages us and supports us through challenging times when we are faced with decisions.  Going Choiceless is not a neglecting act; it simply proves you trust and stay true with God.

I would like to encourage you to set goals that matter.

The company “Franklin Covey” promotes a process of improvement program they have named “4DX” (The Four Disciplines of Execution).  This is a great product (I’m qualified in) but I’m willing to debate (I have a history of being a debate judge) another approach to consider.  4DX encourages the team to set a goal that is so simple to achieve that they can’t fail– Can-Not-Fail!  A simple goal to produce a feeling of accomplishment and success to build on.  I encourage you to set a goal that is so difficult to achieve that GOD won’t fail.  I want you to have a goal so important that you can’t stop trying to achieve it everyday, and even if you never accomplish it, you continue to pursue your goal because you know God is there with you every step of the way.  Challenge yourself to conquer your biggest sin!  Stay on God’s path; stay true.  God will reach your goals (With you) when they matter.

Stay True in God’s everchanging world, He is your Savior weather you’ve achnowledled it or not.





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