“Fuel your body with the energy you need;  Run efficient and clean; Reach peak physical performance.”  My words or yours?  Do you speak these words to others or need these words spoken to you?  How are you living your life; sick, suffering, diseased?  Poor nutritional discipline and low standards of fitness will kill us.

Most of us strive to live a healthy lifestyle focused on nutrition and fitness.  And for most of us striving is failing.  Why do we often fail to reach a goal that is at the top of the list of importance?  Is it not that important?  When we neglect the importance of a nutritious diet and a fitness plan we fight an uphill battle in each aspect of our lives.  Many of us need healing from our substandard style of nutrition and fitness…  I wish I could tell you how many nutritional books were published in 2017… the information is out there for you.  So why do we fail?

In Matthew 8 and 9, Jesus performs multiple acts of healing every disease and every affliction while proclaiming the gospel and fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 53:4.  He healed disease, sickness and sin!   You’re competing with your sinful self when striving for a healthy life.  Maybe we are falling short of healthy style living due to the fact that we neglect that Jesus should be the center of our healthy style living.  I’ve watched a few documentaries regarding diet leading to cancer, heart disease and diabetes and yet none of them mention that Jesus has to the power to heal these sicknesses brought on by diet.  I don’t have the time to type out the entire list of diseases that begin in the gut with poor diet but you get the idea.

If you want to succeed you need to compete.  I strongly encourage you to take a new approach with your diet and fitness plans: get Jesus involved.  Jesus will compete with you!  He is the only one with the power to improve discipline and give us the strength to compete.  Health and nutrition is a beautiful way for ministry to flourish in your life.  The Bible speaks indirectly about nutrition in many ways; a few being fasting, the last supper and bearing fruit.  Many of us lack the strength in discipline when we strive to have a healthy style of life when we only focus on the diet plan or workout routine.  I encourage you to still focus on your nutrition and fitness plans, but I encourage you add Jesus to the fight.  Research two other references in the Bible involving food and learn how to apply it to your nutritional goals.  Fuel your body right.

Compete and succeed!

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