There is no doubt in my finite mind that God designed us capable of healing ourselves. This is a fairly new concept to me as I had not been raised with wellness in focus. After the birth of our first baby and the debilitating injury that followed, my body and my mind felt broken. Getting back what I had lost seemed so out of reach during that season. It took many years passing for me to acknowledge that I could through God’s strength get my health back. When things in our life are broken we must look to the source to fix it. Does your body feel broken?  I discovered that I absolutely needed to look at my miraculous body and search for a way to fix it. I have no doubt that God has given us all the resources we will ever need for wellness and self healing.

Movement was difficult for me, yet it was so necessary. After our daughter was born I hesitantly stepped into my very first yoga class. I needed gentle movement to slowly build into strength training. After many attemps I become inconsistent due to the opposition from family and friends about my practice. I would practice off and on mostly in private. When I was introduced to Buti Yoga a profound shift occurred. I felt the connectiveness of community, of tribe. As my yoga community grew, comparison became a fleeting thought. I surrendered in a way that felt right to me and in turn my body began to actually heal from the inside out.  God, fitness and sisterhood was healing my body, but also my mind and the negative effects of the physical traumas I endured. Moving my body became therapy and for good reason. It was all by God’s design, because movement for me is a necessity.

When we move our body amazing things happen. There is a number of things that happen in your brain that improve your well being. Your motivation improves, your mood is enhanced, and you become clearer of mind. That is naming a few as there is so many more scientific benefits to fitness. Our physical state of being has a major effect on our minds. When I began to nurture my body I too was healing my mind. Buti Yoga has transformed my idea of body image and has also freed up space for me to actually feel whole again in a way I never expected starting this journey. With its spiral structure technique, power yoga, plyometrics, and liberating tribal dance sequences my back pain has become almost non existent. Being consistent with my practice has been vital to my lasting wellness and strength. Discipline needs to be cultivated, it must be intentional. I had so many beautiful women that came along side me and kept me accountable to my mission. Who can you call on to cheer you on and push you in your healthy living efforts? Are you already disciplined in making time to care for your body and can take the hand of someone who is in need of a sister to guide and encourage them? Alone is monotonous! Working towards goals with a sister is what makes the journey so meaningful. Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Fitness had come alive to me. I felt renewed. I knew transformative things were happening.

My passion turned into certification, which then turned into a ministry with a mission. To provide a safe place for women to feel free to surrender as I had. The connection between your brain and the rest of your body is undeniable. If your physical body is healthy and fit your brain will receive all the nutrients that it needs. God has given you all the resources to create a healthy body so that your brain has all it needs to efficiently cope and function. Fitness for you may be a long walk, hiking a mountain, weight training, spin class, or chasing a toddler or two. Whatever it may be, focus on your beautiful body made in God’s image and NURTURE it. My deep passion and mission is for you to see your true worth through Jesus glasses and to spark a flame that can not be dimmed in you.

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” -Kevin Trudeau


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