You can’t stop change from coming. You can’t stay just as you are in this moment forever. As our family collides with change we are refined and shaped in ways only God understands. I feel the season for us shifting in a way that I never expected. That is both thrilling and completely terrifying. With one school year coming to an end thoughts of next year are constant. I pray that we make all the right moves to ensure complete wholeness in our children moving forward. After almost four years of homeschooling I am still working towards peace and contentment. As the kids finish the school year I will be starting my own. Health and wellness along with compassion for others brought me to a place where I knew I needed structure and rich knowledge. I knew that God was leading me to step out in faith. Enrolling to study holistic health coaching seemed like the next step for me on this amazing journey. We also are actively working toward a more simple lifestyle embracing a minimalist mindset, which for this consumer has been challenging to say the least. I realize that I can not stop this change, I must boldly embrace it.

Homeschooling was one of those things that was on my radar, yet so far from anything I ever felt capable of doing well. After approaching an unaccompanied two year tour I felt the Lord place on my heart wisdom. I knew that without their daddy our children would need all of me. That is how our homeschool journey began. Embarking on yet another year I feel the shift happening so organically. Understanding the God given passions that our children possess has me greatly focused on the future to come. I know that I need to help our oldest fulfill his passion to create his first movie. I know that our second child is fascinated with science and building. I know that our daughter loves drama and acting. Cultivating those passions is purposeful. It brings about a change in our homeschooling curriculum that has more emphasis on their character and drive than on textbooks and the grind. I anticipate the day that I see our children thrive due to interest based learning. With this change I know that I am completely capable of giving our children the best homeschooling experience uniquely suited to their individualism.

During my homeschool journey I have learned much about the power of reclaiming my own education. I didn’t have the best college experience, which caused caution when thinking of any sort of continued education. With the love for learning returning and God’s perfect timing I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This truly had been a very long time coming. I have been very invested and involved in holistic wellness for about eight years leading up to this moment. God has placed some of the most amazing women in my life that have propelled me further in my love for healthy living. As classes start next week I had not fully embraced the change. It wasn’t until God revealed to me my true passion. Adding this to our already busy life has been a difficult shift, yet God has painted such  beautiful picture for me to bring about confidence and peace. During this season of change I have learned so very much about my shortcomings, but also my many beautiful strengths.

With change comes insecurities and restructuring. While we work hard to turn our first home into our vision I am reminded that what you plan for may not be what you end up with. Our home was built in the late 70s so with that comes asbestos, old plumbing, and weak walls. As we neared the demolition of our master bathroom I was overjoyed that I was able to pick out tile, a new vanity, and a stunningly shinny new light fixture. Shortly after we started we ran into some setbacks, which prolonged our renovation and caused us to practice patients we were already depleted of. When we have a plan for our future and we get super excited for the pieces to come together it is powerful. As progression happens you become halted by unforeseen circumstances and doubt creeps in and takes hold. This is where the real change occurs. Where you pray harder, listen more, and figure out how to rebuild that foundation so that you can start again and build bigger, better, and stronger than before. All this change is causing me to restructure my mind and to ask the hard questions to refine myself.

How do you view change? Do you see it as a beautiful gift of transformation or do you resist the inevitable shift?


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