Minimalism: Characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

This word has been on our lips for years. The thought of moving all of our non essential belongings into storage for two whole years seemed like nonsense. Regretfully, so deeply attached to our things we reluctantly dished out the monthly storage bill. A lot of things shifted during those two years. The things we thought we so deeply loved had over time been forgotten. What real value did they hold? What purpose were those things having in our lives? How did we end up here?

With all this racing through our minds we decided very unconsciously that we couldn’t live without such things and kept on (robotically in fact) purchasing a multitude of things. With every swipe I could feel my soul die a little and yet I felt a moment of happiness and satisfaction that I couldn’t seem to escape. I knew something was missing, but what was it? How would I find it to rid us of this?

As our health journey gains momentum this word keeps lingering and nudging. With no better time than the present we are going room by room in an attempt to free ourselves. We so long for such freedom from possession that we can have a life of joy and of peace that flows effortlessly. With that freedom and ease we hope we will strengthen our connection with each other, with God, and with nature. By in less, we gain so much more than we could have ever imagined or hoped for.

What a process it has been to be decisive and brave. To let go of what is not serving us and to make some real space to breath deeply. We knew so well that our things were keeping us from so much and so many. Things are changing, wellness and wholeness are near. As we work through this process we encourage you to examine the areas you need more space. Spaces that need to be cleared so that you can find freedom. This health journey has been one of such abundance and acceptance. I pray that too for you.

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