Rooted Tribe Wellness Magazine

The utterance of this magazine had been on my lips, yet I was not clear as to why.  It very well could be that my whole life has been leading up to this. The more I piece it all  together the more that becomes very relevant to me in so many unexpected ways. All the different aspects of my being and all of my deepest passions will be a part of each issue. This magazine is going to allow me to express my health and wellness journey through creativity, which is truly the only way I know how. I can not wait for you to follow along with me and discover what health and wellness means to you along the way. My hope is that my magazine would touch you, encourage you, and bring you into community.

If you would like to be involved please join my Instagram mindfulness movement. The mindfulness movement is bringing more awareness to the blessings of your day. Focusing on the moments of your day with intention and gratitude. At the close of each day think of one thing that you ordinarily let pass you by and feel deeply that gratitude. It truly could be anything that you feel blessed by throughout your day. Being so deeply mindful in that way allows for so much optimism and joy. By posting an image and using the #rootedtribemindfulnessmovement you may be featured in a future issue. I can not wait for you to join the movement.

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