As I close in on my goal, my dream I have had truthfully my whole life, I suddenly feel the most growth. With that growth comes a lot of pain, revelation, and freedom. I didn’t grow into adulthood with a clear understanding of what wellness was, yet caring for others health has always been a driving force. This couriousity has consciously lead me here studying hard to be the change. It has not been an easy road, it has been long with many unexpected turns. It has taken me time to allow for my mind and my body to heal and get to a fluid place. I have failed countless times, but have found great confidence realizing that I could figure it all out and make the most out of my life despite where I came from.

I enjoy finding balance in all things. I homeschool, but am a little wild and free. I am  mostly plant based, but sporadically dine on local anti-biotic free animal protein. I like to consider myself minimalist, though I do have a great deal of stuff in our home that I really love. Whole wellness makes sense to me in that way. To know I am putting in goodness while allowing room for poor choices to inevitably occur. I know I am not going to always decide on the best school curriculum, choose the right foods to eat, or always keep a perfectly clean house. Showing myself grace to embrace the balance, not seeking out perfection, is really what healthy living has become for me.

Allowing myself to live in the moment and be free of restrictions on occasion creates a good sense of balance. I am mindful of my choices and like to think that the large majority of my life is lived making choices I know to be best for me based on my studies and constant experimentation. I am also extremely aware that I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. Accepting grace allows me to be free from self shaming that arises from the occational slip up. Seek truth and explore what livens you, while showing yourself grace and graditude to stumble.

Real health for me is all about balance, not to live out extremes or perfectionisum. It is about being informed and doing my best to preserve and honor this incredible body and life God has given me. We have this one body and this one life to live out our purpose of glorifying God. In taking the best care of my body, mind, and soul I know I am honoring Him. When that is all in balance I am better equipped to serve those He places in my path. As my goals became tangible dreams, I know more than ever my passion to bring others to wellness is vital for me to feel that I am living out my passion and my purpose.



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