Created to Serve

With Health Coach graduation having come and gone I found myself contemplating what  would be next for me. I had hoped along the way that it would all become clear as to why I was yet again going through school. My passion for health and wellness was what caused me to take on such a school load, but I knew that I needed something unique that suited me so I could serve others at my best. At the end of all of this I felt some overwhelm, thinking that I was now to set out and serve as many people as I could. To guide them all to reach their health goals. I realized really early on that I can’t help everyone. The fix was to find an even deeper passion within health that allowed me single pointed focus.  A place that allowed me to be completely creative, transformative, emotional, present, healing, teaching, and comforting.

I clearly remember the day I learned about ayurveda through my studies. It was something that was so subtle in the moment like a quick passing cloud, yet it was always the one form of healing that made sense to me as clear as day. As I began to slowly study and do the work in my own life I started to quickly see the deep impact it had made. It became a means of making everything else going on in my life better, even more beautiful.

I signed up to take this journey to yet another place. Due to my vata dosha constitution I have lived most of my life with my head in the clouds. When I began to pacify my excess vata I become much more grounded and I have been clearer of mind. Making decisions with less effort, and complete clarity. Studying now to be a ayurvedic postpartum doula  makes my passions soar to new and super exciting heights. I realize now more than ever before that my whole life has been leading up to this point. I am right where I was always meant to be. It took God’s perfect timing and revelation to bring it all into crystal clear focus.

Bringing such beautiful lasting healing to the women who give birth to new life is my place. After the births of our three babies I wish I had the support, care, and knowledge of an Ayurveda Postpartum Doula so that I could have prevented some of the aliments I still have lingering today. Knowing that I can now be there for my daughter come that time so that she feels the deep love and nourishment only a Ayurvedic doula can provide. What an incredible gift I feel I have been given. Contemplation no longer haunts me as I know without a doubt how I have been created to serve.

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