The Power of Community

With the current state of the globe, we all are deeply feeling the effects of the mandated isolation and distancing from others. While the pause on our fast paced lives provides us with a much needed breath of fresh air, we need community. We were all crafted to surround ourselves with interaction from others. In uncertain times our God given creativity will allow us to stay connected, and I would argue in more ways than we ever believed we could. I strongly feel that through our physical separation our emotional connections will increase to levels unmeasurable. That we would all build friendships, marriages, and relationships with our children in ways that create unshakable bonds. We will rise, and our connectiveness will be magnified.

  1. FaceTime or Zoom Calls: The advancement in technology is a huge blessing in times such as this. With our freed up time we can set up Zoom calls with multiple people and get real. I would really encourage you to get deep, talk about how you are feeling to release what you would otherwise hold onto. Cry together, laugh together, worship together. FaceTime is another amazing element. You can see your loved ones faces and experience them in real time. There is so much fun you could have with this. You can set up a book club, a craft night, or bible study.
  2. Become Accountability Partners: What better way to utilize this time of isolation than to employ your girlfriends to help keep you accountable to goals you may have always wanted to achieve. There are so many online fitness platforms occurring due to gym closers. Accountability will get you motivated to possibly do a workout you have wanted to try for some time. In home workouts are convenient and even more enjoyable when shared with those you love.
  3. Seek Nature: Another creative way to stay connected is being in nature. Getting out of our homes and being surrounded by Gods creation is vital. You could even take your FaceTime call while out on a hike as if you are walking together and keeping each other accountable to physical movement and nature bathing.
  4. Extend Grace: Our lives are busy, far too busy. With that some of our relationships have suffered. Now is the best time to show some grace to your sisters and reconnect with those relationships that you have neglected over the years. The time is now to show grace to those relationships and show just how much they are loved and valued. That could be as simple as a message of encouragement and hope.
  5. Pray without Ceasing: Setting aside each day time to pray and stand up for your sisters truly shows how much you care for them. Within my church woman’s small group we all have witnessed the incredible power of our prayers for one another. We have seen the mighty ways God moves. Staying consistent in prayer is so needed, especially now when the global population is hurting. Praying for the needs of your sisters shows them that you care deeply even from a distance. Also lifting up any prayers of thanksgiving, even in the middle of bleakness, displays faith and strength.

We all desperately need each other now and always. Having emotional bonds, brings life and joy. We were made to love God and love others. Now is the time!

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