How Will We Use This Time

Physical distancing has the collective asking many very pertinent questions. Life went from uncaunciously normal to our now “new” normal. We are all being faced with uncertain times, which natural causes us to fight for more in the areas of our life. I have no doubt that this time in our history will be a time of needed cleansing and refinement. Every day that passes I do feel aspects of my life and character break away from my clenched grip. I realize in asking these questions I am breaking free. Free to accept abundance, beauty, and peace. I encourage you to really contemplate these deep questions with the time we have and evaluate what’s next for you in this new chapter of rebirth.

What do I miss? What was I focusing my attention on and was it pushing me to grow or has it been really holding me back?

I miss my freedom. Having limitations and restrictions that seem natural taken away even for a short time is irksome. I do think that I have been both pushing forward and sadly withholding what I am truly capable of in this season. As things slowly get back to some kind of normal I will be taking action to dream even bigger dreams.

Who do I miss? Am I noticing more or less toxicity in my life?

I mostly miss being able to get together with my sisters and embrace them. My sisters mean the world to me and I love having their powerful energy near me because it is so palpable. With the bombardment of information I am noticing more toxicity, but I am also feeling overwhelming thankfulness.

What do I wish I could be doing? What is currently making me more mature? What do I truly love?  What matters most to me? 

I can not wait to study herbalism. I wish I was doing that currently. I have been studying a lot during this time, which has really matured me in this field. I truly love women and serving them to be their healthiest. Community means the most to me without a doubt. Planning for future wellness gatherings has me even more excited now than ever before.   I look forward to the day that I can physically be with you all and put all this passion into action.

How big are you willing to dream? Who are you going serve selflessly? How are you going to dig deep to live out the life you always knew you wanted? Now is the time to make those shifts and to demand more for yourself and those in your tribe.

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