I Won’t Be Quiet

This may be unpopular opinion, but I won’t be quite. There is no accident you are here, just like there is no accident that this world is facing such darkness.

This current experience has given me unmeasurable faith. So much in fact that I can’t possibly feel the effects of the bleakness our world is facing. How has your faith been tested? Have you fully committed to trust falling, knowing completely God has you? Our God will never fail us. You have to know that today. Some of you may be feeling overwhelming anxiety and fear with this uncertain times. Believe me when I say that I struggled hard with that myself. Capturing those volatile thoughts and casting them on the only one who can carry them creates space for me to breath, to release them and cling to Jesus. Please don’t complicate what God has already made so simple out of His goodness and love. Have unshakable faith in His sovereignty, that everything that happens in this life is meant to occur and we all need to find a way to fit into that plan with joy and peace.

There is no better time than this to speak loud and bold. To gather your sisters and study the living and active Word. To highlight the truth brightly and continuously. To encourage one another to pray hard prayers and seek His face for transformative healing. To go out, even virtually, and share the good news. To bring the simplicity of faith to those who are struck with fear.

He endured sickness so we would be healed.

He suffered loneliness for us to be redeemed.

He took on devistating wounds for our comfort.

He was brave through pain so we could have peace.

He experienced all earthly suffering so that we could have EVERYTHING.


These words are truly too good for me to be quiet. I pray your light mesmerizes those around you to fall hard and free into the arms of Jesus and thrive in peace and joy through this dark time in our worlds history.

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