Open Your Eyes

The earth is calling out to us. It is wanting to ground us and reveal to us that there is always rebirth. Nature shows us continually that things of this life fade away naturally as a part of its perfect order. It also shows us that just when we think all is lost, beautiful regrowth sprouts. From that sudden life blooms even more abundance than we ourselves could have ever imagined.

Currently I am being witness to this ever evolving system of order that is complexly magnificent. When the time of day is right I step foot out into our garden and find myself transported to a place where all things are right and good. That more than ever is exactly where I want to be. The earth sets my eyes on God, expanding my heart to feel deeply loved, safe, and alive. We need to be reminded often of the elements which we are made of to get back to our truest selves and connect deeply with our creator.

We have time to pause what may seem important, step outside, take a deep breath, and open our eyes to see. I have come to realize that connecting with the earth is one of the best things you could be doing to love God and to love you, which we are commanded to do. Slow down and take time to really see natures complexities, understanding that our God is vastly complex. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts. He is perfect! We must get back to the garden, being in awe and displaying reverence to the one who created it all for our pleasure. There is so much growth and intense beauty all around to keep us grounded and strongly rooted when we feel overwhelmed and wondering. Open your eyes to see and feel what is truly important, breath in deep, and stay connected to the one who crafted it all and said it was good.

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