Currently the phrase “less is more” has taken deep root into my consciousness. In slowing and confinement much is being realized and amplified to bring about lasting growth and real change. I can hear the Lord so clearly speaking truth into my life. Opening me up to the longing of my hearts desires in calm yet urgent ways. In this stillness God revealed four areas of my life that require much more intentional sustainability. Areas of lack that I have been completely aware of yet paralyzed to cultivate. Less is more has been ringing loudly, nudging me to a better life.

The most pressing is with my relationship with the Lord. I have succumb to social media taking up far to much of my precious time (now more so than ever), leaving less time to spend with the one who calls me chosen. Putting together natural rhythms each day to feed my spirit has a tremendous amount of weight and meaning for me. This is my desire, to honor the time I have each day knowing more of God’s Word by visual journaling, letting those words take up deep roots in my heart to sustain me. For it is only in this relationship I am maintained.

Shopping is one of my favorite past times. That is a truly sad reality, as after that initial rush of happiness rises the punch in the gut occurs. Less stuff brings forth less discontentment. You begin to realize that you truly have everything you need, you no longer long for fulfillment. This is especially true when the first area of sustainability has been nourtured. Letting go of what no longer serves me and serves purpose in my life is such a beautiful act of self love and stewardship. Being surrounded with essentials that have great meaning and significance is so powerful and life giving. One of my newest past times is releasing what is truly holding me back from a deeply meaningful curated existance.

You are what you eat. That is extremely true for the nourishment you put into your body and also what you spiritually intake. When I begun nurturing the first area I became even more aware of what I was consuming as fuel. You might be surprised to realize that God’s Word has much to show us about what good nourishment really is. In purchasing less man made food and more God made food I began to feel more vibrant and alive. You really are what you eat so why not consume living nutrient dense foods that give so much life to the body.

The last area is by far the most difficult for me, finances. I have to be totally transparent, I did not have the best examples of great money management. Nor was I taught from a young age what a budget was or how to properly save. Spending freely has always been my tendency, living paycheck to paycheck. It has honestly not served me well at all in this life. I have debt I regret and bills that are not necessary. This keeps me in a constant state of unrest. That is not where God wants me to be.  I want peace in my finances. By really spending time in the other three areas I trust that I will find space. Space to rest more, give more, and save more. That is a place I pray to be. In allowing God to see me through the difficult financial times, freedom from that bondage is found when I give it all back to Him.

It has in many ways been all about simplicity. Having a deep relationship with God is really simple. Having a home full of less stuff is really simple. Eating only what God has made is really simple. Managing your finances with God is really simple. Simplicity is where we find sustainability for an abundant purpose driven life. Let the one who created it all take deep root in your heart to reveal to you areas where you need maintenance and true lasting sustainability.

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