Lettuce Grow

For some time now my husband and I have wanted to grow and harvest our own food as much as God would allow. I am not a green thumb. With little to no experience in growing, let alone keeping any plant alive for long. I have had many failed attempts along this plant journey, but the desire to be more self sustaining in that way never escaped me.


When our freedom to head to the grocery store was robbed recently, God placed it on my heart heavier than ever to start growing. At the time I was’t sure what that would look like nor did I think we had the capabilities to make that change. Thankfully Lettuce Grow came to the fore front, which in that time brought me so much hope. It took so much of the hard work out and provided ease. That is exactly what I needed to succeed at fulfilling our families dream of not relying on the store to continuously provide. That we had the means to provided what we needed to feed us right in our own back yard. What a thrill that was for a family with a big dream!


I honestly didn’t hesitate much. I took the leap knowing fully that God would provide a way for us to come up with the monthly payments and that he also would provide a way to guide us to grow abundantly and do it well. Two weeks have passed and with each passing day my hope and peace grows much because I am witness to how amazing God is through the food He is providing. Each plant is getting taller, fuller, and more lively moment by moment and it is a joy to experience.


Doing the right thing in a time that has been so uncertain has really showed me that I am capable. I am capable to grow good food, I am capable of reducing our plastic waste, I am capable of self sustainability (even in a small space). Having a beautifully fashioned easy to maintain system made all the difference. It took away a lot of the hesitations and unknowns and allowed confidence and contentment to rule. This vertical garden has truly been one of the greatest highlights in one of our darkest times.




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