My Coaching Mission

My journey has come to the place of great contentment, a place of real knowing. I truly found my coaching mission. All Health coaches are not created equal, even better is that we are all vastly different. Providing clients with choices that best suit them, coaches that  will compliment them. I wanted to take this time to explain the three most important pillars of my health coaching style for you to better determine if I could be that right fit for you.

First and foremost, I believe in God and I find Him to be the most influential aspect of my coaching. God will guide you to your passions, heal your relationships, make a way for a great career, He will show you that your bodies are designed to move freely, and He will guide you to optimal nutrition. The Bible has much to reveal to us on the topic of wellness and diet. It is my number one go to guide while coaching my clients to reach their health goals.

Second, God has very thoughtfully put in place natural unforced cycles and rhythms for us, we tend to ignore God’s design, much to our detriment. A females monthly cycle is a natural cycle to cleanse the body, which is such a beautiful thing, yet that cycle tends to get unnaturally disrupted and even unwelcome. The circadian rhythm is a really incredible aspect of nature that most people are not in-sink with, leaving them feeling unwell in so many areas of life. God’s design is perfect! I greatly encourage clients back to the unforced rhythms that God so perfectly placed for us to live in great abundance.

Lastly, Just as health coaches are extremely varied, so too are supplements. There are always those few very in vogue supplements and herbs, but you really need guidance to know what will work best for your body instead of taking the next fad product. Turmeric for instance is not a good fit for everyone trying to combat inflammation, it is mislead to be a cure for all when it is a cure for some. That is one of the reasons what I do is so incredibly important. I fully recognize the weight of that responsibility and take it very seriously. What I know for sure is supplementation is second to nutrition, also that supplements need to be minimal. Taking a minimalist approach to supplements is how I coach all of my clients. It is not about spending a premium on a wide variety of man made pills or powders. I always try to concentrate on herbal medicine before I ever introduce a capsule.

Helping others using these three powerful pillars has really set me up to serve at my best. It allows me to cheer you on with a minimalistic biblical approach that very simply works. I ultimately want to show others that wellness doesn’t need to be complicated and that it is completely attainable and in reach. I would love to be the one to set you up for a lifetime of abundant living. If you feel like you have health goals you want to reach, and/or you need herbal support please follow the Health History tab in the menu and set up a good time with me to experience your free consultation.

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